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Embracing Winter Wonders of Outdoor Kilkenny

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Winter in Kilkenny is a mesmerising affair, where the crisp air carries tales of ancient folklore and the landscapes transform into a winter wonderland. From winter walks to relaxing retreats, we’ve curated a list of activities that will make your winter in Outdoor Kilkenny an unforgettable experience.


Winter Hikes in the Countryside:

Step into a winter fairytale as you embark on picturesque hiking trails that meander through Kilkenny’s enchanting countryside. Discover wildlife spotting opportunities along the way and gain insights into trail difficulty levels to tailor your adventure to your skill level.


Hawkeye Falconry
Hawkeye Falconry

Bird Watching in Winter:

Delve into the world of winter bird watching as Kilkenny’s diverse bird species come to life against the crisp winter backdrop. Find some bird-watching locations and equip yourself with bird identification tips to truly appreciate the feathered wonders that call Kilkenny home during winter. Get up close and personal with birds of prey at Hawkeye School of Falconry.




Frosty Waterfalls:

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of frosty waterfalls that adorn Kilkenny’s landscape. Explore one of the cascades transformed into icy masterpieces, each one highlighting the unique beauty that winter imparts to these natural wonders.

Laser Wars
Laser Wars

Winter Outdoor Swimming:

Experience the invigorating thrill of winter swimming in Kilkenny’s pristine rivers. Dive into the growing popularity of this unique activity, exploring safety precautions and recommended locations for outdoor swims. Embrace the exhilarating experience of immersing yourself in the cold waters of County Kilkenny during winter.

Hit the Targets:

There are so many outdoor activities for you to practice your aim in County Kilkenny. Gather a group to enjoy a day at Laserwars, Kilkenny Airsoft, or Kilkenny Activity Centre, there’s plenty of choice for fun.


As you venture into the winter wonders of County Kilkenny, let the historic landscapes and charming countryside captivate your senses. From the quaint villages to the city centre, each activity unveils a different angle of County Kilkenny’s seasonal splendour. Embrace the magic of winter, stay safe, and allow the beauty of Outdoor Kilkenny to inspire your winter adventures.

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