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Take a Zip Line Flight Through Castlecomer

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Calling all thrillseekers! Ziplining is a great activity that sends you whizzing across some heart-stopping heights travelling over the stunning landscape below.

For those who like to test their limits and like adrenaline rush adventures, zip-line has so much to offer. Not just because you get to fly above some of the deepest woodlands, large rivers and winding pathways but because you get to see your surroundings in a completely new light creating an exhilarating and often inspirational experience!

Zipline At Castlecomer Discovery Park 02
Zipline At Castlecomer Discovery Park 01

Now here’s the history: Believe it or not, zip line as we know it today was actually developed spontaneously by biologists who were trying to observe animal life without disturbing it and making it too obvious, today they offer a very different experience, one filled with adventure!

At Castlecomer Discovery Park, visitors can experience the ultimate Zip line experience, scaling the heights over the 800 acres of parklands at speed is a unique adventure experience that won’t be forgotten!

Not only is this the longest zip line in Ireland, measuring an impressive 300 metres long and 35 metres over the ground at its highest point, but the experience will slide you above some of the highest possible heights you ever encountered.

Zipline At Castlecomer Discovery Park 04
Zipline At Castlecomer Discovery Park 05

Some Key Components of a Zip Line experience at Castlecomer Discovery Park:

  • You’ll be having a lot of fun (if you don’t fear the height)
  • You’ll go very fast through the air, feeling like you’re flying
  • The scenery from up above is like no other
  • Adrenaline rush is guaranteed!
  • Some zip-line ropes are fast and steep.
  • You have to be over 12 yrs

Finally, you will want to relive this experience again and again; so remember to ask those down below you to capture you on video or camera!!

Zipline At Castlecomer Discovery Park 06

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